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Guild wars 2 official economic data analysis

05/09/2013 PM

  How to gain Guild wars 2 gold, is always what players concern the most, and form the official economic data, we can see that more than 80% of the wealth acquired from exploration and tasks (including compensation, commission, tasks, dynamic events), which also directly reflects the purpose of Guild wars 2: encourage players to explore. That through defeat monsters to pick up the gold account for only 12%.

  If players want to make money that will definitely practice life skills, judging from several tests over the weekend, study jewelry professional players overwhelmingly number, this is because the official analysis to explore, more interesting, but what kind of life skills make the most money, this really hard to say.

  Most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small number of people, both in reality and game, but the distribution of wealth among Americans, Guild wars 2 wealth distribution seems to be more fair, this should be what a lot of people want to see.

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