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Awesome news that Guild wars 2 will be made into movie

05/10/2013 PM

  At the ArenaNet first quarter meeting, the spokesman Alan Taylor announce that Guild wars 2 will be made into movie. Sure that this will be a really awesome news for Guild wars 2 fans.

  It’s said that the moive will be divided into three parts and till now, only reveal some information about the first part.

  250 years after the Eye of the North, Tyria will completely change the original sample. All these changes are cause by the ancient dragon wakes up form deep sleep for one thousand years.

  Primordus is the first round dragon, he willwoke his servant from a deep sleep.Under his breath, he rubbed dirt and stones, made into biological and gives them life. Although the great destroyer is dead, and its power to revive the dragon. Primordus underground again and again to create servants. By now, he continued to Tyria underground cave splashing his strength.

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