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What’s the factor you concerned the most when to buy Guild wars 2 gold

05/12/2013 PM

  We all know there are so many factors that will determine people’s mind to make a decision. In fact, to buy Guild wars 2 gold is just like you to buy others in the online mall, like Amazon.

  After polls and surveys, Devon Rose find out, there are three main factors what affect the most when to buy Guild wars 2 gold.

  Price is the first, of course. Only with suitable price can customers choose you. Otherwise, why not buy some from others.

  Speed ranks the second. Fast response speed and delivery speed neck and neck. Maybe just one time your delivery is not in time, you will lose your customer.

  Service also play an important role during the purchase, it takes the third place. The after-sale service and after-sale service in most players eyes, of importance.

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