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NCsoft report first quarter earnings, future mainly promote Guild wars 2

05/12/2013 PM

  South Korea NCsoft company today announced earnings in the first quarter, the company sales of 184.9 billion won in the first quarter, operating profit of 55.5 billion won, the net profit of 52.3 billion won. Compared with the same period of last year, sales growth by 31%, operating profit and net income increased by 348% and 348% respectively.

  According to the regional statistics, South Korea domestic sales of 119.2 billion won, North America, 24.7 billion won, 14.7 billion won in Europe, Japan 13 billion won, 2.5 billion won China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, other countries and regions income 10.7 billion won.

  According to the game, Lineage 66 billion, Lineage 2 for 14.2 billion won, Aion: The Tower of Eternity 28.3 billion won, 16.5 billion won Blade and Soul, the Guild wars 2 for 36.4 billion won, other casual games 12.7 billion won.

  NCsoft spokesman said the new Guild wars 2 has gained market recognition, in the future, Guild wars 2 will export Chinese market, which is expected to continue to drive the company’s performance growth.

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