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Guild wars 2 completely new content is coming at May 14

05/12/2013 PM

  Recently, ArenaNet has officially announced the upcoming new updates “secret of southern sun” in its online game Guild wars 2. It is said that this part of the game content will be publish at May 14th, along with the game update patch of the next chapter “fire and frost” together.

  Let us to know more about this part content occurred in the story.

  Lion city consortium of businessmen provide shelter for refugees that were driven from their land by the Mohr alliance, but these new people do not feel like guests treatment, and more like was imprisoned here. In these refugees is almost forced to rebel at the same time, local wild animals don’t know why also become extremely offensive. Now, calm all this violence and explore the secret of the southern sun, it is up to you and the city Lion Superviser’s shoulder.

  Bring you new trap props in WvW mode

  Trap is very sinister props, players can buy with Guild wars 2 gold in each WvW store on the map. Players in a trap and some other anti stealth props, will make enemies much harder to get supplies.

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