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Guild wars 2 gold in short supply, providers take chance to rise prices

05/15/2013 PM

  Now in Guild wars 2, the gold is large demand for the update of the new weapon manufacturing drawings. Most players are crazy for the new weapon and cost lots of money to make one or buy from the auction house.

  Since this weapon can’t be traded, and only has 35% chance to manufacturing successfully. So if players want to get one, he/ she may have to try at least 2-3 times. And the prices of materials in the auctions is also raise by at least 50%, which lead to the Guild wars 2 gold in the game greatly in need.

  Thus lots of Guild wars 2 gold providers take chance to rise the prices. However, even most providers rise the price to win more profits, but gw2goldbuyer.com promise that we will never take this kind of chance to rise the price, and we will try our best to keep the economic balance in the game.

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