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Playing your own role in Guild wars 2

05/15/2013 PM

  Most players even playing game is still acting as themselves, but some others may choose to play the role which is complete distinguish form his or her own characters in the reality life.

  To the players who like acting themselves may choose the decent professionals, like to guardian, warrior to fight against the demons dragon to protect the city. To rescue the people, all in all, they are hero of the city, they are Saviour to the people in the city.

  To the others who want to have a completely different experience in the game, may choose the thief or the necromancer, to do something that you can’t achieve in reality life.

  In fact, a role in the game, is just like a new life of the reality, you also have to kill monsters to get money Guild wars 2 gold to buy food, equipments, to level up is just like to improve yourself. So just play your own role in the game.

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