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What lies behind Guild 2 gold economic system in the game

05/15/2013 PM

  To support the balance the economic in reality, there are lots of factors that you can’t see through your eyes, so what about in the game, is there also something that lies behind the economic system of Guild wars 2 gold?

  First, items that cost Guild wars 2 gold. Only that can stimulate players to spend money on that. And the items that need you to spend gold on it, must have its usage, otherwise nobody will cost money for rubbish.

  Second, ways that you can gain Guild wars 2 gold. Forn killing monsters, boss to get the low rate drop of gold or items, some form finish the tasks.

  In fact, it all cause by the supply-demand relationship in the game. Once there are needs for Guild wars 2 gold, there is the necessity for the turn up of it. The supply-demand relationship is the basic to support the whole economic in the game.

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