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Guild wars 2 summer economic forecasts that winter continues

05/16/2013 PM

  Now the whole Guild wars 2 gold market is still continuing the winter without any improvement although it’s already summer now.

  We all know that to the Arenanet company, 2013 their main key point is the Blade and Soul, so they put most attention on Blade and Soul, which lead to the promotion of Guild wars 2 is decrease by at least 30%. And some players dropped the game, to have other trials. The players is much less, how can the whole economic of Guild wars 2 gold hold.

  Although gw2goldbuyer some many promotions to seize the players, that still without obvious effects. But as the new content has been added to the game recently, gw2goldbuyer sure that the summer of Guild wars 2 gold finally will come, will not longer continue the winter for long.

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