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How to keep your Guild wars 2 account safe when to buy gold

05/17/2013 PM

  Lots of players may have the experience of being cheat on the Internet. Here Anthony Etkins will share you how to keep your account safe when to buy Guild wars 2 gold.

  First, choose a reliable website. Pay attention to the slight difference bewteen two similiar website, like our website is gw2goldbuyer. There are website named gw2goldseller, gw2buyer and so on. Thus, when put in the website remember to check it for at least 2-3 times. The best way is to log in the website form the email that our sales send to you.

  Second, when take an order on the Internet, do you think the confirm procedure is complex, for thry can ensure you account. Better not to take an order at the public computer. And check your computer safety regularly.

  Third, do not believe in the gold sellers in the game, to professional Guild wars 2 gold providers, there is no seller in game, only the delivery staff and they won’t ask you to pay for it. So take care yourselves.

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