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Gw2goldbuyer has win one fifth of the whole Guild wars 2 gold market

05/17/2013 PM

  2013 Guild wars 2 first quarter industry report at Korea, local time 9:00 in the morning, ArenaNet publish the sales report of Guild wars 2 gold and items during the first quarter.

  According to the report that during the first quarter, the trading volume of Guild 2 gold is 89755686M in total. And refer to the gw2goldbuyer sales in the first quarter, we find out that we have occupied one fifth of the whole amount.

  And to the Guild wars 2 items trading volume, that in the first quarter, the total amount is worth 536M dollars. However, to the items which is the weakness of gw2goldbuyer, for least than 10%.

  In the second quarter, gw2goldbuyer will adjust the strategy for Guild 2 gold market. We will work on the promotion of the items. Sure that we will finally also take a place at the items trading volume list.

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