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Guild wars 2 gold sales can go over 600 million dollars in 2013

05/19/2013 PM

  The Guild wars 2 gold sales of gw2goldbuyer can be said to be on the upgrade, according to preliminary estimate, that the total sale in 2013 will have chance to go over $600 million.

  Although gw2goldbuyer do not get a great performance at the first quarter, but since April, the Guild wars 2 gold market recovers, that only half month, the sales of May has reach 30 million dollars. And with this trend, to achieve the goal of $600 million, there is no difficulty.

  That gw2goldbuyer can achieve such a performance in May is mainly due to the discount of the items. Since May 1st, the items discount activity comes online, that players can buy the original items with 10% off and have big chance to get free Guild wars 2 gold and other items, like gems and so on.

  This activity not only help to promote the sale of Guild wars 2 items, but also stimulate the consumption of Guild wars 2 gold. And this activity will last till end of May, and if it’s effective, more similar activity will be held.

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