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Gw2goldbuyer tells players how to use the Guild wars 2 gold rationally

05/19/2013 PM

  Since this week, gw2goldbuyer will add a new column, that is the every week Guild wars 2 knowledge sharing, we will make a short lessons to share some basic knowledge about Guild wars 2, and this week, we will share you how to use the Guild wars 2 gold rationally.

  The most important is take good advantage of the auction house. All the items in the auction house, the price keeps floating all the time, if you are in lack of some items and want to buy from the auction house, remember that learn to wait. Only be patient enough can you save Guild wars 2 gold.

  According to gw2goldbuyer’s observation, that about 7:00 to 9:00 at night, the price of the items in the auction house is the lowest, for during these two hours, most players are hanging around in the game.

  To use the Guild wars 2 gold rationally, the first and the most important thing you need to do is learn the law of the auction house.

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