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Gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary will be founded in New York

05/20/2013 PM

  With the development of Guild wars 2, more and more people are involved in it. The trading of gw2goldbuyer has hit a new record, so it is necessary to open a subsidiary in New York to service players.

  That is a piece of big news for a great number of player fans of Guild wars 2. Because of it, the players who want to buy Guild wars 2 gold quickly do not have to go to the parent company!

  Gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary is the same as the former one, such as, the same service, the same items and equipment, most importantly, the same price, enjoying the same discount.

  To celebrate gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary will be founded in New York, gw2goldbuyer is going to conduct a publicity campaign soon, like offering discounts.

  Besides, the players are no need to worry about their right. For service you better, both of them is suitable for you. Anyone you choose, it is certainly OK. Therefore, there aren’t any changes as before.

  Enjoy yourselves in Guild wars 2.

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