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A boom in Guild wars 2 gold sales

05/20/2013 PM

  As the latest news from the game channel of CNN, a new boom in Guild wars 2 gold sales appeared.

  According to the statistical sayings, the sales of Guild wars 2 have hit twenty thousand dollars from January to May, 2013. Of course, as the leader of Guild wars 2 gold, gw2goldbuyer have made a great contribution. The amount of deal reached ten thousand and five hundred. The ratio of sales has risen from thirty-one point five percent to fifty percent during just a year.

  Some experts said, it is really the breaking news, but they have indicated that the result according the increasing rate of Guild wars 2 a few years ago. The number of players of Guild wars 2 is becoming larger and larger, meanwhile, Guild wars 2 gold is very significant in Guild wars 2, therefore, the boom in Guild wars 2 gold goes a boom without saying.

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