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05/22/2013 AM

  Breaking news— gw2goldbuy.com have created a official weibo in Twitter and Sideblog recently!

  With the development of social contacting websites, such as Jaiku, Juick, Plurk, Thumbcast, Tumblelog, Twingr, Twitter, Sideblog, it has become an important place to contact with each other, to get information and to inform message not only for ordinary people but also for enterprises.

  Now, gw2goldbuyer.com has an official account both on Twitter and Sideblog. That is a good new for a great number of players of Guild was 2, because of immediate news and information and discount and many other things being found on them.

  In addition, to celebrate official weibo being created on Twitter and Sideblog, gw2goldbuyer.com will give out Guild wars 2 gold for free for 48 hours! It is a big chance of life-time. Hence, if the players want to get Guild wars 2 gold for free, it is time to surf gw2goldbuyer.com now. Miss this chance, obtain the pity! So, be quick, and this opportunity will not wait for you any more.

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