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Look behind Guild wars 2’s auction house to get Guild wars 2 gold

05/23/2013 PM

  Guild wars 2 gold is the basic currency in Guild wars 2. While, auction house is the link connected Guild wars 2 gold with all of those trades. Therefore, if you want to spend some time on it, Guild wars 2 gold must be in your pockets.

  At first, two things you must know: list fee and sales tax. List fee refers to charging you five percent after you put up the items on the on-sale-list. While sales tax refers to charging you ten percent after the things you want to sell have sold out.

  Then, these tips you should know. Lower a little as you want to put item on the on-sale-list, which would attract those who want to buy a lot. The second way is to notice closely those value items and equipment. If one of them is down, maybe just for a little, you should buy them as soon as possible under the condition of owning spare Guild wars 2 gold. Then sell them out one by one as their prices have increased for a certain amount. Making a reasonable forecast is another way to get Guild wars 2 gold. You should have a correct forecast on items and equipment, otherwise, loss goes without avoiding.

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