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Common sense for Guild wars 2 gold

05/23/2013 PM

  As we all know, Guild wars 2 has been launched for several years, and many players have also become the experts, especially in how to get Guild wars 2 gold. A handful of common sense is worth bushel of learning. Little common sense would surely have prevented the careless consumption of Guild wars 2 gold.

  1. Guild wars 2 gold can be converted to gem; on the contrary, gem also can be turned into Guild wars 2 gold.

  2. Guild wars 2 gold can be deposit in warehouse.

  3. The same account for different character classes can share the resource, including Guild wars 2 gold, items, gem, and so on.

  4. If you think you are so lucky that can have a gamble with others, you can go to Diessa Plateau. In there, gamble on cow is on line usually. If you win, Guild wars 2 gold can be obtained immediately though the number is tiny compared with kill a monster.

  5. After you have killed a enemy in the model of WvW, a bag will be dropped on the ground. Keep in you mind to pick it up, otherwise, a few of Guild wars 2 gold is going to missing from your hand.

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