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South America wants Guild wars 2 soon

05/24/2013 PM

  Many MMOs developed in the America or Europe don't find success in the South America market, but ArenaNet's Colin Johanson leads content designer on Guild Wars 2 that they are confident their game would sell well. Guild Wars 2 is topping the list of most demanded MMOs in South American PC gaming cafes or "bangs", and Johanson said his team is busy running beta tests to get it there soon.

  "We have not determined dates for that yet, we're still working to figure all that out but those are all things that we're looking at right now," Johanson said, but he was quick to point out that the wheels are in motion.

  But in contrast to how much had to change, and how slow updates have come for games in South America, Johanson doesn't want to shortchange his South America fans with a vastly different game. "We want to change as little as we can," he said, because he thinks that though South America is affected by Western life, they have their understanding to Guild wars 2. Therefore, it is needs to change Guild wars 2.

  Besides, he also mentioned that Guild wars 2 gold can trade in the world, including South America.

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