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Big changes in WvW in Guild Wars 2

05/24/2013 PM

  What is WvW? Certainly, for those who usually player Guild wars 2 the concept have kept in their minds. WvW is World versus World, which is firstly released by Guild wars.

  Nowadays, with the development of Guild wars 2, WvW is going to enter a big change. What is that? Let us make a deep acquaintance about it together.

  Because of being tired of those same old matchups, some players hope to test their mettle against some different opponents. ArenaNet also felt the same way. Arenanet explains: “we’ll add a new “Tier” column to the WvW leader-boards so everyone can see which matchup they’re in. Right now, groups are implicitly displayed because each ordered group of three is a matchup, but this will no longer be the case after the ratings change. Players will be able to sort by the Tier column to see the matchup or by the rating column to see where everyone current stacks up.”

  Additionally, to solve the problem that how to match different teams, they are going to partially randomize server matchups, with the exception being they won't match servers against other servers whose rating falls outside of an acceptable range.

  Guild Wars 2 gold may be gotton easier than before, said a senior player.

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