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Effect of permanent price drop on Guild Wars 2

05/24/2013 PM

  Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet have released more than an expansion’s worth of content, regularly hosted special events like introduced players to the retro-goodness of the Super Adventure Box, and engaged players with the Living World philosophy, all the while continually updating and tweaking the game experience. There are record numbers of people playing Guild Wars 2 and the recent WvW and PvP updates are just the first drops in a shower of new updates.

  Nowadays, it’s time to introduce Guild Wars 2 to millions of new players with a lower price point of thirty-five dollars for the standard edition and less than fifty dollars for the digital deluxe edition. This is a really exciting time as the game is receiving episodic content updates at a very rapid pace, making Guild Wars 2 extremely accessible for players looking to invite their friends into the game or jumping in themselves for the first time.

  The permanent price drop for Guild Wars 2 is a good time to attract a lot of new players, for many of them perhaps be stopped by the high price.

  In addition, less price for Guild Wars 2, higher price for Guild Wars 2 gold probably. More people swarming into Guild Wars means more Guild Wars 2 gold is in need, pushing Guild Wars 2 gold forward.

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