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Is professional gamer a good career for graduates?

05/26/2013 AM
  From a report of Forbes, the rate of college graduates in employment has down to 10% with the recession in the US, but the Internet has experienced an alarming increase in the games industry, that surely lack of employees. A large number of Internet careers are produced according to the grow prosperity and development of the Internet industry.

  For example, online games are welcomed and become a relaxing way not only for the teenagers, but also the retired persons and children. While the pace of people's living is speeding up, a lot of changes have taken place in their causal activity. They do not want to go outside any more, and just stay at home to have an online game for relaxing themselves.

  Professional gamer become a necessary following with the development of the online games. Some players do not familiar with the game and want to get a high level or improve the character's skills. Then they need to ask someone else to help him. Professional gamer are the person who can help them.

  Such as you are a new player of Guild Wars 2, you have not played this game before. However, you want to reach a level of 80 and gain a stronger skill to fight in the battlefield. Then the professional gamer will explain the details for you in game, and teach you where to go to get the reward of Guild Wars 2 gold or weapons, even how to communicate with other players in the same guild.

  It is widely acknowledged that more and more players contributed to ask help for professional gamer, experts argue that the games industry must introduce professional gamer. But I doubt whether the professional gamer alone will confuse the games' regular order, and college graduates should be making their decisions referring to their ability and interests.

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