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Diane Hay, a Guild Wars 2 gold retailer, annual income reached $1 million

05/26/2013 AM
  Diane Hay, a 26-year-old boy who has been working as Guild Wars 2 gold retailers for 3 years, got an annual income over $1 million which more than his classmates working in the office as a white collar.

  As what he said, I do not regret being a games staff, I worked out at least three or four hours a day and it is free and happy for me to work in the home.

  Even though there are a lot of voices go against me from my parents, classmates and my friends. In their view, I need to look for a regular job in a big company and go to work from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm which seems to be perfect.

  However, that not what I want to live for. I like play online games from my high school and I think it is a good way to make money from the online games. Such as gold and items are trading in game, and power leveling. They can also bring me money. So he has brought some programs into the game, and registers several accounts to play the different characters in the game.

  All these programs can run normally and do not need to control them, but they can also bring money into your pocket. Finally, his parents agreed him working as Guild Wars 2 gold retailers. Here we have no denying that the job of online games are becoming irreplaceable and also do helpful for the development of games industries.

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