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Gw2goldbuyer.com will make a film for Guild Wars 2 players

05/27/2013 AM
  Gw2goldbuyer.com published news that they are preparing to make a film for Guild Wars 2 players next month.

  According to their reports, this film is made for celebrating the company's 5 years' birthday, in order to thanks for the support of all Guild Wars 2 players and Guild Wars 2 gold buyers from this site, they are starting to make the stories from our players and even some interesting games' experience into the film.

  Gw2goldbuyer.com choose to make a film rather than a microfilm, because there are so many stories no matter in game or out of game among our Guild Wars 2 players, while it cannot explain in details.

  What's more, the film will get most of the workers together in Guild Wars 2, and players can communicate or play against with the workers. If they want, they can see the real person out of the virtual world.

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