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Two tips to avoid cheating in Guild Wars 2

05/27/2013 AM
  Recently, we've heard a lot of players reflected that they were cheated in Guild Wars 2, but how to avoid that?

  1. Be careful when looking for power leveling

  Some players do not familiar with the game rules, and they want to get a high level in a short time. Usually, they will ask for help from others. Following a player to finish the contents to get a high level, or buy power leveling for him.

  There are all kinds of advertises which offer power level, you can get a high level by paying for them. When you choose a site for power level, you should check the details about this site, and make sure it is a security and reach an agreement on price.

  2. Pay more attention on buying equipment and Guild Wars 2 gold in low price

  As we all know, equipment and game gold are important during playing the game, we need to buy some to stronger our skills and make up our character. Before we finish our payment of purchasing, we need to ensure whether the retailers we buy from are a legit company. And then check the feedback from other players to identify whether it is a safe site.

  In all, we should be careful of cheating in the game, and remember that there is no free lunch.

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