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Recall your cherished memories of Guild wars 2 at Children’s Day

05/30/2013 PM

  How old are you now? How long do you keep playing Guild wars 2? Maybe lots of the players have already grow up, are adults now. Will you still celebrate the Children’s Day? Never mind, gw2goldtaker will held a specific Children’s Day for all you.

  The earlier stage of your level up is just like your childhood in Guild wars 2. On Children’s Day, please share us your interesting stories in Guild wars 2. Your funny story with your friends in the game. What do you feel when you first playing Guild wars 2. When is your first time and location in the map to brush for Guild wars 2 gold? Is there anyone who help you to get a fast level up in the game? Please email us your story to [email protected]

  We will select three most interesting story among you, the top one will get 50 Guild wars 2 gold as reward. And the rest two will get 20 Guild wars 2 gold.

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